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With ITL's extensive experience and knowledge built up over 35 years we design and manufacture a wide range of protection current transformers to many international standards including IEC 60044-1,for class PX, 5P, 10P with accuracy limiting factor up to 30 but higher if required and Current Transformer Protection Classes to IEC 60044-6, incorporating classes TPS, TPX & TPY.

Also our metering range of current transformers include the following accuracies: Class 0.1, 0.2, 0.2s, 0.5, 0.5s,1 & 3.

By understanding our customer needs and expectations, our transformers can be designed for the North American Standard ANSI / IEEE C57.13, Canadian Standard CAN3 C13 M83 and Australian Standard AS 1675, for Austalian & Canadian standards please contact for more information.

A Key part of our design process is material selection and finish, as in most cases this is what the customer will see and as such many of our transformers are suitable for use in Air, Transformer Oil, SF6 Gas, Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH), Tropical, Severe Tropical, Indoor & Outdoor envoronments.

As a custom solution provider, our extensive range includes, but not limited too:

Low Voltage Types
Indoor LV Ring CT
Indoor LV Resin Encapsulated CT
LV Outdoor Rectangular CT
Indoor Summation CT
Indoor LV Rectangular CT
Indoor LV Split Core CT
Indoor Core Balance CT
Indoor LV 3Phase PT
Indoor LV Plastic Case CT
Outdoor LV Ring CT
Indoor LV 1Phase PT
Medium Voltage Types
11kV Outdoor Slipover Neutral CT
17.5kV Indoor Resin Block CT
22kV Outdoor Neutral Bushing CT
36kV Indoor Resin Window CT
11kV Outdoor 3Phase & Neutral CT
17.5kV Indoor Resin Window CT
24kV Indoor Resin Block CT
36kV Outdoor Oil filled CT
12kV Indoor Resin Block CT
24kV Indoor Resin Window CT
36kV Outdoor Resin Block CT
11kV Indoor Resin Window CT
24kV Outdoor Resin Block CT
36kV Indoor Resin Block CT
12kV Outdoor Resin Block CT
11kV Indoor 3Phase 3 Limb PT
11kV Indoor 3Phase 5Limb PT
52kV Indoor Resin Block CT
72.5kV Outdoor Oil filled CT
145kV Outdoor Oil filled CT
52kV Outdoor Oil filled CT
72.5kV Indoor Resin Block CT
145kV Outdoor Oil filled PT
52kV Indoor Resin Block PT
72.5kV Indoor Resin Block PT

Our knowledge of design & manufacture enables ITL to supply machine wopund custom ring type current transformers with inside diameters ranging from 20mm upto 1500mm. Using our manual winding capabilities allows Instrument Transformers to go beyond the 1500mm ID as long as we do not exceed a unit weight of 1000Kg due to our lifiting capacity.

We also have a range on ITI 780-786 equivalents in the form of our models M 780, M 781, M 785 & M 786 with our voltage transformers PT G3 and PT G5 either unfused, single or double fused providing a cost effective alternative.

Our engineers regularly communicate with our customers on all technical matters e.g. Core Balanced Current Transformers CBT's designed to customer applications.




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