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   Busbar Fabrication BGD5 Part No.41800

Based on an embeded Windows XP System, the BGD5 offers simple WYSIWYG programming, with full graphical interface. No CNC programming skills are required with even the most complicated busbar configurations easily created / edited.

During bending operation the digital angle measurement with full automatic spring back compensation will ensure an accuracy of +/- 0.2 degrees from requested value. The automatic length stop will travel up to 800mm positioning your busbar within seconds. With an intigrated 3Ph/400V power pack minimising cycle times to around 11 seconds for a 90 degree bend including the spring back competnsation

Advantages at a Glance:

  • Latest Windows XP technology with 12" LCD monitor
  • Unmatched, full graphical WYSIWYG programming
  • USB and LAN for backups and remote editing
  • Digital encoder with an accuracy to 0.2 degrees
  • Full automatic spring back compensation
  • No trial bends, No setup time
  • Digital stroke encoder for minimum cycle time
  • Intigrated high performance 3Phase power pack
  • Optional step and edgebending tools
  • Tight U and Z bends possible
  • Mobile for ease of movement within workshop
Technical Specifications - Incl Automatic Lentgh Stop Part 41800
Depth 900mm
Width 1630mm
Height 1530mm
Weight 370Kg
Hydraulic Pressure 200 bar max. (3000psi)
Max. Busbar Size 160x13mm (6"x1/2")
Length Stop Travel 800mm
Bending Radius Adapters 7.5, 10.0 and 15.0mm
Power Rating 1.2kW
Voltage 3~400V/50Hz
Oil Flow 3.6 l/min
Cycle time* 11.5 sec.
Cycle time** (repeat operation) 9.4 sec,
Minimum L-Bend 25mm
Minimum U-Bend 60mm
Minimum Z-Bend 70mm


* 90 Degree bend 120x10mm busbar size return stroke including full automatic spring back compensation

** 90 Dgree bend 120 x 10mm busbar size repeat operation




Large Step Bending Tool

Min. length for insertion L min = 39 mm (1.535“)
Bending radius R = 10 mm (0.394“)
Width of step W = 37 mm (1.457“)

Small Step Bending Tool

Small step bending tool O/N 31671
Min. length for insertion L min = 23 mm (0.906“)
Bending radius R = 7.5 mm (0.295“)
Width of step W = 21 mm (0.827“)

Supplementary Bending Tool

Small leg length of down to 25 mm (1“) can be bent using the supplementary bending tool.
With the standard set-up, 45 mm is the minimum

The maximum busbar sizes are as follows:
for aluminium: 120 x 10 (4³/4“ x ³/8“)
for copper 120 x 6 (4³/4“ x 0.236““)
80 x 8 (3.194“ x 0.315“)
60 x 10 (2.362“ x ³/8“)

Small Edge Bending Tool

Busbars with a max. dimension of 50x10 mm (1.968“ x ³/8“) can be bend edge wise.
The bending radius is fixed to 40 mm, whereby
40x10 mm bars can be bend to 90°, and bars
50x10 mm finish at 45°.
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