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   Busbar Fabrication BGD5-eco novopress bending bench bgd5 eco

The all new BGD-5eco is a landmark in economical busbar bending, with high end bending features. Offering full automatic spring back compensation, plus digital stroke measurement, the BGD-5eco is unique in it’s class. No other bending machine offers similar technology and performance at entry price levels.

New 3 phase hydraulic power pack and digital stroke limiter are pushing bending performance to new levels.

Compared to the earlier BGD-4 models, bending speed is increased by almost 100% (11,5sec. vs. 22,5sec.)

New digital stroke measurement allows easy and precise settings for accessories like step- and edge benders.


Combined with the "HSBL-2 Professional System 2" including 160 cutting tool, DigiPunch 160, conveyors and all accessories, at very advantageous net prices. Contact us for more information.

Advantages at a Glance:

  • Unsurpassed bending features at entry price level.
  • Bending speed increased by almost 100%.
  • Precision of 0,2° on all bus bar dimensions allows full pre-fabrication of bus bar parts.
  • New, digital stroke limiter reduces active stroke to the minimum and allows easy, precise use of step and edge benders.
  • High performance 3 phase power pack integrated
  • Bending capacity max. 160x13 mm (6” x 1/2”)
  • Bending radius adaptors 7.5, 10, 15 mm
  • Cycle time* 11.5 sec.
  • Cycle time** (repeat operation) 9.4 sec.
  • Minimum L-Bend 25 mm
  • Minimum U-Bend 60 mm
  • Minimum Z-Bend 70 mm
  • *90° bend, 120x10 mm busbar size, return stroke incl. full automatic spring back compensation.
  • **90° bend, 120x10 mm busbar size repeated operation.
  • No time-consuming test bends
Technical Specifications
Depth 950mm
Width 850mm
Height 1330mm
Weight 1700Kg
Hydraulic Pressure 200 bar max. (3000psi)
Max. Busbar Size 160x13mm (6"x1/2")
Force 180 kN
Power Supply 400V 3~/50Hz
Power Rating 0.75kW





Large Step Bending Tool

Min. length for insertion L min = 39 mm (1.535“)
Bending radius R = 10 mm (0.394“)
Width of step W = 37 mm (1.457“)

Small Step Bending Tool

Small step bending tool O/N 31671
Min. length for insertion L min = 23 mm (0.906“)
Bending radius R = 7.5 mm (0.295“)
Width of step W = 21 mm (0.827“)

Supplementary Bending Tool

Small leg length of down to 25 mm (1“) can be bent using the supplementary bending tool.
With the standard set-up, 45 mm is the minimum

The maximum busbar sizes are as follows:
for aluminium: 120 x 10 (4³/4“ x ³/8“)
for copper 120 x 6 (4³/4“ x 0.236““)
80 x 8 (3.194“ x 0.315“)
60 x 10 (2.362“ x ³/8“)

Small Edge Bending Tool

Busbars with a max. dimension of 50x10 mm (1.968“ x ³/8“) can be bend edge wise.
The bending radius is fixed to 40 mm, whereby
40x10 mm bars can be bend to 90°, and bars
50x10 mm finish at 45°.
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