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   Cable Crimping HPA / HPM / HP
Innovative, dieless crimping tools from Novopress.
Reduce cost, on endless variations of hexagonal die set's and use our operator friendly dieless V- Crimp system

Advantages at a glance:

The HPA 400 offers the well established advantages of the dieless Novopress indent crimp in combination with a state of the art electro-hydraulic battery drive. With only 7.5 kg and exemplary ergonomics, our HPA 400 sets new standards in terms of operator convenience and safety in its class. Without any die change you crimp in only 9 sec. and up to 120 times per charge, various make of lugs or sleeves in CU and AL quality from 16 to 400 mm2. The 90° rotatable crimping head allows convenient crimping even in restricted working space. Delivered including box, charger and spare battery.

Technical Specifications HPA 400
Weight incl Battery 8.0Kg / 17 lbs
Dimensions L x W x H ca. 490x90x200mm / 19x3.5x8 inch
Force 110 kN / 11 tons
Stroke 60mm / 2.36 inch
Operating Pressure 550 bar . 8000 psi
Cross Section Range CU 16 - 400mm2 / AL 50 - 400mm2
US - Cross Section Range CU AWG 6-750 MCM / AL AWG 1-750 MCM
Max lug diameter 42mm / 1.653 inch
Battery 14.4V / 2.4Ah
Charger 7.2-18V / 1.5A
Charging Time 60 minutes for 2Ah


  • Dieless, battery powered crimping tool, for CU and AL lugs from 16 - 400 sqmm (AWG 6 - 750MCM)
    Open C-head, 90° rotateable. Two stage hydraulic pump for quick compressions, LED display to
    monitor the compression cycle and battery capacity.

    Operations Manual Repair Manual


  • hpm400 dieless crimping tool
    Crimping tool HPM 400 developed and patented by Novopress allows you to make the highest-quality crimps for a variety of lug types and cross-sections (copper or aluminum), without needing to change dies. This system guarantees instant operation, safety and time-saving when pressing different cross-sections in random order.
    Technical Specifications HPA 400
    Weight 5.9 Kg
    Dimensions L x W x H ca. 180x80x550
    Force 110 kN / 11 tons
    The very compact design and light weight guarantee ease of operation. The tool is supplied with its own case. For copper cable lugs and connector sleeve, solid and flexible conductors with cross-sections:

    16-400 mm² (copper),
    50-400 mm² (aluminium),
    max. OD 38,5 mm.

    Novopress crimping tools are recommended by leading national and international lug manufacturers. These recommendations are supplemented by approvals or test certificates by, among others:

    EPM (Fed. Rep. of Germany)
    Germany Lloyd, log No.23177
    Det Norske Veritas (Norway)
    CSA (Canada)
    NATA (Australia)
    SEMKO (Sweden)
    SETI (Finland)
    UL (USA)
    Lloyd's Register of Shipping
    EDF (France)

    the tool fulfills the requirements of VDE-Regulation 0220, French standard NF C 63-061 and Swedish standard SEN 245012.
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