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   Busbar Fabrication HSBL-2 Professional System 2

HSBL-Work Cylinder

The work cylinder is the central and essential point of the Novopress HSBL-2 System. Operated with the various hydraulic power packs, it is the key to perfect, simultaneous and efficient busbar fabrication. The HA1 ES power pack offers maximum portability whereas the HA 4 provides unsurpassed production output. Two simple bolts transform the Novopress HSBL-2 System into a universal cutting, punching or bending tool in no time.


Advantages at a Glance:

  • Interchangeable cylinder for cutting / punching / bending attachments.
  • Quick and easy mounting bolts, no tools needed
  • Production output scalable by use of multiple work-cylinders and power packs
Technical Specifications
Length 615mm
Width 140mm
Height 340mm
Weight 20Kg
Stroke 120mm
Hydraulic Pressure 150 bar max. (2200psi)
Max. Busbar Size 120x13mm
Force 150 kN
Suitable Power Packs HA1-ES, HA3 or HA4


Operations Manual HSBL Range Repair Manual HSBL Rangel  

The HSBL work cylinder is also available in several complete busbar systems, including punching tool - cutting tool - bending tool and power pack HA3 at very advantageous net prices.
For details please check out our "Complete Busbar Systems".


HSBL-Cutting Head

Two different cutting tools are available within the HSBL-2 System. One up to 120x13 mm and as shown on the picture, for 160x13 mm (6” x 1/2”) Of course with state of the art operator safety and excellent cutting quality. Additional accessories like fixing vice or conveyor systems are available for professional stationary production.

Technical Specifications
Width 210mm
Height 785mm
Weight 9.6Kg
Cutting Performance 160x13mm @ 250 Nmm2


*Picture shows cutting tool 160x13 mm (6”x1/2”) including two fixing vices and conveyor.


Also Available:
Cutting Tool 120x13 mm
Cutting Tool 160x13 mm
Single Vice for 160x13mm Cutting Tool
Double Vice for 160x13mm Cutting Tool



HSBL-2 "DigiPunch 160" - A New Class of Performance digital busbar punching head from novopress

With the brand-new ”DigiPunch 160”, Novopress offers a new class of busbar punching performance for medium- to large sized enterprises.
Wherever ordinary manual punches are insufficient and CNC- controlled machines are to costly, the new ”DigiPunch 160” is the ideal mid-size solution. It reduces manufacturing time and cost significantly compared to manual punches at a very modest investment compared to CNC-punches. The very practical configuration with digital metering in X/Y axis and complete conveyors, enables a very efficient and flexible busbar manufacturing.

Fast - Productive - Competitive
All necessary components except hydr. power pack and work cylinder are included in delivery.

For operation only a regular 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz power source is needed. The LCD measuring system works on a permanent battery basis. Possible hydr. Power Packs: HA1 ES, HA3 and HA4.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Production volume up by 60%, compared to manual HSBL-2 punches.
  • Significantly reduced manufacturing costs.
  • Optimised and speedy work flow through integrated conveyor system and work-bench.
  • No programming or preparatory work required, very short set-up times.
  • Fast and stepless positioning of busbars in X and Y axis, with 0,5 mm accuracy.
  • Switching from absolute to chain measurement for fast and easy progressive punching.
Technical Specifications
Overall Height 1900mm
Width 550mm
Length 4300mm
Weight 170Kg
Operating Pressure 150 bar (2200psi)
Force 150kN
Max. Busbar Size 3000x160x13mm (120"x6"x1/2")
Max. Measuring Range 2000x180mm
Measuing Accuracy 0.5mm
Max. Punch Size -Round 21mm
Max. Punch Size - Oblong 21x14mm
Max. Punch Size - Square 12.5x12.5mm
Hydraulic Power Packs HA1-ES, HA3, HA4

New progressive punching dies:

Also the punching dies are new designed and further reduce manufacturing cost. Punch and die are inter- changeable by quick clamp mechanism within 20 sec. The solid tool holder enables progressive punching for oblong and slotted wholes. Switching from absolute to chain-measurement, offers fast progressive punching without extra calculating. Last but not least we offer a wide range of standard dies for round- oblong- and square punching, especially matched with the needs of the electrical industry.

  • Solid dieholder for progressive punching of oblong and slotted holes.
  • Quick clamping offers fast and easy die change within 20 seconds.
  • Large assortment of standard dies for round- oblong- and square punching.
  • Set-up times are reduced, no tools necessary.
Also available as complete set, including punching dies, HSBL-2 work cylinder and power pack HA3, at very advantageous net prices.- Contact Us for More information
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