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   Busbar Fabrication SLB125 Part No.40070
Cut, punch and bend copper and aluminium busbars with the Novopress SLB 125 three-in-one bus bar tool. Ideal for flexible use in the workshop and on site. The basic unit transforms quickly and easily into a cutting, punching or bending machine. The complete bus bar fabrication system - combining accuracy with simplicity and speed.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Sturdy frame to ensure extremely high-quality processing & long service life.
  • Built-in safety system protects the operator
  • Very fast tool change.
  • Low-pressure system (150 bar) and tools manufactured from high-strength steel


    Technical Specifications
    Depth 677mm without trolley
    Width 414 mm without trolley
    Height 500mm without trolley
    Weight 115Kg without trolley
    Pressure 150 bar max
    Cutting up to 120 x 13mm F38 max
    Punching 6 to 21mm Ø max oblong 21x14mm max
    Bending 120x13mm max
    Force 180 kN
    Suitable Power Packs HA1-ES (Part 31070) or HA3 (Part 33340)


    A complete set, including punching dies and power pack HA3 at very advantageous nett prices - Contact us for more information.

    Operations Manual Repair Manual Video Clip 10MB




    Optional step-bending tools and short leg bender, offer cutting edge bending possibilities and maximum productivity. For details on function and min./max. measurements, please download the instruction manual.

    Large Step Bending Tool

    For copper and aluminium bus bars up to max. 120 x 10 mm

    In the case of a step width of 37 mm, the max. step height is 25.5 mm with copper bus bars and 28 mm with aluminium

    Small Step Bending Tool

    For aluminium bus bars up to max. 120 x 10 mm and copper bus bars up to max. 80 x 8 mm
    Step width: 21 mm. The step height is variable

    Supplementary Bending Tool

    shortest leg lengths 25 mm
    Fast and easy attachment simple assembly
    Can be retrofitted to all existing SLB's

    U-Shape Bending Tool for SLB

    Produce small tight U-Bends quickly and simply with the new U-Bender for SLB 125. Capable of bends as small as 60mm (2.36") inside dimension.SLB 125 U Bender
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