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m6222r sealable terminal cover  
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m6222r power measurement current transformer

m6222r outline drawing


Power Monitoring & Control Current Transformer

Current Transformers with a ratio of Ip/5, for measurement devices such as ammeters, kilowatt hour meters and multi meters. Ratios ranging from 75/5A to 800/5A and a plastic case in accordance with Thermal Class E. Capable of using incorporated DIN rail fitting or flat fixed on a base the M6222R comes complete with sealable integrated terminal cover.

Model M6222R
Primary Current Range Primary Accomodation

Body Unit Dimensions

(L x W x H) mm

Maximum VA at Accuracy Class
Class 0.2 Class 0.5 Class 1 Class 3
75/5A 22mm dia hole

62 x 40 x 78

33mm from deck to center of aperture

- - 1.5VA 2.5VA
80/5A - - 1.5VA 2.5VA
100/5A - - 3.75VA 5.0VA
120/5A - 1.5VA 3.75VA 5.0VA
125/5A - 2.5VA 5VA 5.0VA
150/5A - 3.75VA 5VA 7.5VA
200/5A - 3.75VA 5VA 7.5VA
250/5A 1.5VA 3.75VA 7.5VA -
300/5A 1.5VA 7.5VA 10VA -
400/5A 1.5VA 10VA 12.5VA -
500/5A 2.5VA 10VA 12.5VA -
600/5A 7.5VA 15VA 15VA -
750/5A 10VA 15VA 15VA -
800/5A 10VA 15VA 15VA -
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