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Current Transformer Solutions


By designing in and applying Lean Techniques applied in everything we do our Current and Voltage Transformers are suitable for low voltage (LV), medium voltage (MV) or high voltage (HV) applications custom designed. Our highly experienced transformer design engineers can configure transformers for indoor, outdoor, SF6, tropical, severe tropical, air and transformer oil environments. In addition to our standard ring type current transformers, our range of traditionally styled plastic case transformers suitable of indoor use, implement many benchmark industry features including integrated terminal covers and DIN mountings. The introduction of our Plastic Ring Type Metering CT's to our range of moulded case transformers for volume switchgear production. Our skilled current transformer manufacturing team realise the design requirements and customer expectations ensure high right first time rate.

Instrument Transformers Limited are a capable current transformer manufacturer of low voltage transformers from 10mm inside diameter and a few grams in weight, up to an inside diameter of 1500mm and 900Kg, with flexibility and quality being key in everything we do.

Providing cost effective viable alternatives to our customers using North American influenced switchgear with our range of ANSI/IEEE or IEC our models encompassing the ITL 780, 781, 785 & 786 plastic cased current transformers along with our ITLPTG3 & ITLPTG5 fused or unfused Medium Voltage Transformer 4.16kV (7.2kV IEC) to 15.5kV (17.5kV IEC) for the similar PTG3 / PTG5 ranges.

Feature: Outdoor 36kV Resin Cast Current Transformer


 Relay Testing


Why you need protection relays

In the event of an adverse condition arising within your Power System, the protection equipment limits or prevents damage which would otherwise....



 Busbar Fabrication


For decades Novopress has been considered the foremost solution provider to Small / Medium Enterprise switchgear and panel builders for busbar fabrication equipment. Working with ITL since the early 90's together we have become synonymous with the supply of these quality products principally throughout the UK & Ireland. Leading on from the launch of the BGD5-eco last year. February 2009 brings us the BGD5 bending bench revolutionising the bending production process in terms of simplicity of use, speed and latest touch screen interface.


 ITL Technologies


Measuring Transformers


Measurement Current Transformers designed for measuring instruments such as ammeters, voltmeters, kilowatt-hour meters, etc. whether electromechanical or electronic meet insuperable design....



Protection Transformers


Protective Current Transformers are designed to measure the actual current in power systems and to produce proportional currents in their secondary windings....


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